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Simple analysis of direct buried installation of power cable for aluminum plastic composite belt
May 12, 2018

The selection of the laying mode of the aluminum plastic composite belt power cable should be determined according to the engineering conditions, the environmental characteristics and the type and quantity of its cable. The selection of the method of laying aluminum plastic composite belt power cable is that the other aspect is that it should be reliable and easy to operate according to its operation. In principle, the cost of protection and economy is chosen.


The method of laying aluminum and plastic composite belt power cable is generally divided into pipe laying, cable trench laying, soil laying and laying of cable bridge. Moreover, it will include a series of laying methods which are combined with each other. When laying, it will be laid by manpower or mechanical laying. To do it.


The direct burial laying in the laying of the aluminum plastic composite belt power cable is actually a widely used laying method. Before laying it, we should actually check whether the soil is chemically corrosive and the temperature of the soil is suitable for the cable work, when the laying will only be half filled. In fact, in fact, it should be suggested to have a layer of cloth with warning signs. When backfilling, it should be rammed by layer by layer to prevent its collapse.


When the backfill is completed, we will actually suggest that the cable turn, where the indirect head, and the other lines cross the special location, in fact, should be placed in a marked orientation sign or annotation to avoid any failure or occurrence. Accident。


The space on the cable laid side by side should meet the specified distance. The position of the intermediate joint must be disconnected from each other to prevent the occurrence of joint accidents or damage to other joints. If the spacing of the aluminum plastic composite cable is too small, a cable appears. When the barrier is blocked, another cable will be affected. Finally, the two power sources will be blackout at the same time.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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