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Steel plastic composite tape has small deformation and long life
Sep 29, 2018

The main force component of the steel-plastic composite belt is the high-strength galvanized iron wire in the lacing belt. When the operation is carried out, the diameter and the number of the steel wire can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the project to change the tensile force of the rib belt, and the lacing of different tension requirements can be produced. Belt, tested by the national legal authority, generally the tensile strength of each rib is greater than 110Mpa-225Mpa.

Small deformation of steel-plastic composite tape

The high-strength steel wire of the steel-plastic composite belt ensures that the breaking elongation of the rib belt is ≤3%.

Steel-plastic composite tape has a long service life

The protective layer of the steel-plastic composite tape is made of high-molecular-weight polyethylene material and mixed with a certain proportion of anti-aging agent, antioxidant and light shielding agent, and the masterbatch is extruded at a high temperature to ensure the protective force of the protective layer and the steel wire, so as to protect The layer and the steel wire can work together, and the hot extrusion in the production process reduces the gap between the molecules, ensuring that the steel wire in the rib is not rusted.

The steel-plastic composite tape is anti-aging treated polyethylene protective layer, which has the chemical properties of acid, alkali and salt corrosion resistance and the aging resistance against ultraviolet radiation. The steel-plastic composite lacing tape is covered by the filler after being tested by the national legal authority. The life expectancy is unlimited and can almost meet the needs of permanent engineering.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/


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