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Structure and advantages of steel-plastic composite belt
Jul 14, 2018

The steel-plastic composite tape can be added to the cable of any structure, which can increase the mechanical strength of the cable, thus improving the corrosion resistance, and is a telephone cable designed for areas that are susceptible to mechanical damage and corrosion. It can be laid in any way, and is more suitable for direct burial in rock areas.

Steel-plastic composite belt structure

1. Basic cable: Any single-sheathed or double-sheathed filled and unfilled cable.

2. Mechanical protective layer: It is mainly used in the operation of the 0.15mm thick embossed steel strip, which is vertically wrapped on the basic cable and overlapped on both sides. The surface of the steel strip is plastic coated to prevent corrosion and moisture intrusion.

3. Sheath: Black high molecular weight low density polyethylene. The thickness of the sheath can depend on the outer diameter of the basic cable.

4. Identification and length marking: The cable has a permanent identification mark on the outside, and the interval between the marks is not more than 1m.

5. Electrical characteristics of steel-plastic composite taped communication cable: The cable meets all electrical requirements of the basic cable.

6. Cable length: Mechanically protected cables are manufactured according to the standard length of the corresponding basic cable.


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