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Surface inspection and winding requirements of copolymer coated steel tapes
Aug 12, 2017

The surface should be smooth, no impurities, no wrinkle and other mechanical damage defects, the edge can allow the width of plastic film 2mm-5mm to protect edge.  

During slitting process, it requires slitted tape smooth, straight and flat, No corrugated edge no matter how long it is., no camber is allowed.

Copolymer coated steel tape should be closely winded into a tube core, the inner diameter of tube core is 100mm±2mm, 204±2mm, 406mm±3mm, the length of slitting copolymer coated steel tape should be the same with the width of tube core. 

The core of slitting steel tape protrude slitting steel tape longer within 1 mm in the end, longer with 5-10mm than jumbo roll of steel tape, the copolymer coated steel tape should prevented to loosen in the process of  vertically used.

Different size is absolutely not allowed in the same core tube, and absolutely not allowed to have two joints, but allowed welding head in the use of the process,only allowed to have a joint within 1.4km. 

The thickness of joint in using process is allowed to exceed 1.5 times of the original thickness, the plastic layer of joint should be timely recovery. The joints should be flagged, the distance between the two joints is not less than 305m,tensile strength of a joint shall not be less than 85% compared with no joint.


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