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Surface requirements and insulation effect of steel-plastic composite strip
Aug 21, 2018

In the process of production, the steel-plastic composite strip for optical cable mainly adopts its non-contact on-line heating device, which is effective in the operation including its outer casing, several heating coils and insulation layer, and is characterized in that: several heating coils are arranged. The coil winding is formed into a flat hollow structure, the heat insulation layer is disposed outside the coil winding, the heat insulation layer and the coil winding are disposed in the outer casing, and the inner cavity of the coil winding is a passage of the steel-plastic composite belt.


The steel-plastic composite belt has a fast heating temperature response, good heat preservation effect, remarkable energy saving and consumption reduction effect, and heating is an internal heat type, which reduces heat energy loss and high heat energy utilization rate, and can improve product competitiveness.


The surface of the steel-plastic composite strip should be smooth, smooth, uniform, free of impurities, wrinkle-free, speckle-free and no other mechanical damage. The side of the steel-plastic composite strip is allowed to be protected by a plastic film of 2 cm to 5 cm. Smooth, no curling, and burrs.


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