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Talk about the difference between copper tape and copper-plastic composite tape
Sep 02, 2017

We Want to know the difference between copper and copper composite tape, we actually should be to understand the copper and copper and plastic composite belt. For the copper-plastic composite belt, we actually have to pay attention to it itself is actually known as the Mylar copper foil, in terms of this product itself, in fact, it will be used for shielding performance requirements of the relatively high cable The

As for the copper belt, in the past, we actually have introduced, it is actually a metal element, in terms of its product specifications, in fact, there will be 0.1 ~ 3 × 50 ~ 250mm and other different types State copper products, in general, is actually used to produce electrical components, lamp and its battery caps, buttons and seals, connectors above.

Moreover, the copper belt and Copolymer coated tape composite with the difference between the characteristics of the copper-plastic composite belt, to a large extent, in fact, it will be soft copper foil or Mylar foil as the substrate, in other words, Its coating itself, in terms of its own point of view, we actually have to pay attention to it is actually the metal particles will be caused by the pressure of plastic into the general case that will be applied to the electromagnetic shielding and its signal Shielding, can effectively suppress the interference of electromagnetic waves, to prevent electromagnetic waves on the human body caused by the harm.


Copolymer Coated Aluminum Tape

However, when it comes to copper, mainly that will be used as conductive, thermal and corrosion-resistant equipment. In fact, it is in the electrical components, switches, pads and their gaskets, electric vacuum devices, followed by, in fact, will be in the radiator, conductive base metal and its car water tanks, heat sinks and cylinder tablets, and other different types Of the parts on the application.

Finally, the difference between copper and copper-plastic composite belts is summarized, and their use of materials and their applications, as well as their use in the use of copper, copper and copper composite tape on the current, voltage and its use of environmental requirements In fact, it is not the same, and finally speaking, we actually have to pay attention to its own storage is not the same, these are copper and copper composite belt with the difference.

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