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Tape development situation
May 12, 2017

With the economic development and technological progress, China has become the world adhesive industry processing and production enterprises and consumer power. Combined with years of experience. With an annual growth rate of 16%. In particular, adhesive tape, protective film and stickers are widely used in electronics, communications, packaging, construction, paper, carpentry, aerospace, automotive, textile, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, medical industry, adhesive industry has become China's chemical industry The industry's most dynamic and important industries.

The development of tape industry mainly depends on the development of coal, steel, cement, port, mine, oil, automobile, textile, light industry, machinery and other industries. Since the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, China's national economy has sustained and rapid development, which has led to sustained and rapid growth of coal, steel, cement, automobile and agricultural machinery. China's coal, steel, cement production ranks first in the world, at the same time, the state to take measures to expand domestic demand is expected in a longer period of time will continue to implement, will undoubtedly lead to building materials, automobiles, agricultural machinery, light industry and other industries. In addition, attention to the "three rural" work will be carried out in a long time, which are for China's tape work to open up a broad long-term potential market. Automotive tape is the fastest growing variety, which is closely related to the rapid development of China's auto industry. The automobile industry is the pillar industry of China's national economy. In 2009, China's automobile production and sales volume reached more than 13 million units, ranking first in the world.

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