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Technical specification for anticorrosive copolymer coating tape
Jul 03, 2018

Usually, the adhesion strength of anticorrosive copolymer coated tape is regarded as an important sign to measure its quality. As for the adhesive force of anticorrosive copolymer coated tape, there are two main forms of adhesion. Next we will find out the main contents.


First, according to the relevant codes and standards, the coating and the surface of the anticorrosive copolymer coated tape must be adequately adhered. This is mainly to avoid infiltration of water into the coating. Generally, after winding it on the steel tube coated with bottom paint, because of the excellent compatibility of the bottom coating and the adhesive tape, it will be able to be glued quickly through a certain chemical physical function and get a higher bond strength.


Secondly, the anticorrosive coating for anticorrosive copolymer coating tape also needs to meet the corresponding elongation and mechanical strength standards. This is because anticorrosive tape is a thermoplastic material, so it can ensure good elongation and tensile strength in a wide temperature range. In fact, for the anticorrosion tape system, the main function of this protective belt is to avoid the damage of the tape anticorrosion layer in the course of transportation, and also to meet the requirements of the construction.


In addition, the surface of anticorrosive copolymer coated tape should be smooth and not easy to clay. It should have a good protective function in the course of construction. At the same time, it should also have good insulation properties, and the main component of the rubber layer is butyl rubber, which is highly saturated, so its chemical properties are extremely stable. Moreover, it has excellent water resistance and air tightness, so as to ensure that the anticorrosive tape meets the requirements of the specification.


According to the practical application, the application of anticorrosive copolymer coating tape is becoming more and more extensive. It is not only able to show their hands in corrosion protection of pipelines and cables, but also gradually show their own advantages in other fields.


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