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The application and main process of the copper-plastic composite belt
Nov 29, 2017

The copper-plastic composite belt will be used in different types of electric wire and cable products. The use of copper-plastic composite belt has a great relationship with its main process. The process includes drawing, stranding or cladding. The more complex the model specifications are, the more repetitive it will be.

Under the action of the metal pressure, the metal will force through the mold (pressing wheel), the metal cross section will be compressed, and the cross-sectional shape and size we required will obtain. This technical processing method is called metal drawing. The process is divided into single filament drawing and strand drawing.

In order to improve the flexibility and integrity of the electric wire and cable, pay attention to let more than 2 single wires, intertwined in accordance with the direction. This is called stranding. The stranding process is divided into conductor stranding, cabling, weaving or steel-wire armoring and winding.

Depending on the performance of the electric wire and cable, special equipment will be used to cover different materials outside the conductor.

In the summary of the relationship between the use and process of the copper-plastic composite belt, different processes represent different uses. However, the general orientation of the copper-plastic composite belt is same, and the relationship with the process will not be too large.


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