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The application of the copper-plastic composite belt is related to the related process and materials used
Dec 04, 2017

In previous articles, we mentioned that the copper-plastic composite strip will be used on the electric cable with small external diameter and softy requirements. In practice, a small section of the leakage line will be added to compensate for the current transmission. The copper-plastic composite belt will be used as a shielding structure.

Because of the plastic effect, the copper-plastic composite belt will not form a closed shielding structure. The shielding effect also has a big difference. Pay attention to selecting the different materials according to the different applications of the cable.

Electric wire and cable often use the copper or aluminum rod, drawing the die mold hole through one or several stretch, make its cross section reduced, the length and strength are also increased. Therefore, its application will be more extensive.

The application of the copper-plastic composite belt and its processing technology have a certain relationship. When the copper or aluminum monofilament is heated to a certain temperature, it will increase the toughness of the monofilament or reduce the strength of the monofilament in the way of recrystallization, so that the requirements of the electric wire and cable for conducting wire core will be met, and the application will be more extensive.

In order to improve the soft degree of the copper-plastic composite belt applied on the electric wire and cable, it is convenient for us to lay and install, the conducting wire core will be twisted by many monofilaments. This type of conductors are also applied to electric power cables.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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