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The concrete use and drainage wire of different copper - plastic composite belts
Jun 08, 2018

For copper plastic compound with the knowledge and understanding of, the following will continue, but also from copper plastic composite with a specific purpose, to carry out the work, because this is copper plastic composite with a fundamental and important aspects, so, only to understand and grasp the related knowledge in time, to correct and rational utilization of this kind of composite belt.

1. Why are copper and plastic composite belts available on smaller and softer cables?

This is because, copper plastic composite belt is generally three layer composite, and the thickness of copper foil is not very big, and add plastic layer, waterproof can act as a role, and cost savings to a certain extent. Therefore, this kind of compound belt can be used in small outer diameter and soft cable, which is one of the USES of copper plastic composite belt, but it is not applicable to ordinary copper.

2. What is the role of the drainage wire in the copper plastic composite belt? Will it affect the use of copper - plastic composite belts?

The drainage wire in the copper and plastic composite belt can lead the charge on the metal shielding layer in time to avoid the energy loss of the inductive magnetic field due to the accumulation of charge. Therefore, it can improve the shielding effect of the shielding layer to a certain extent, in addition, it can also facilitate grounding construction. As for, the drainage wire has no effect on the use of the copper composite belt, because the two have no relation.

3. The use of halogen free flame retardant copper composite belt.

Halogen-free flame retardant composite copper plastic band, it is one of the copper composite plastic band, its composition, is for the copper layer, adhesive layer and polyester film layer three layer, and then the three layers of heating laminating, so it is a kind of composite structure. This copper - plastic composite belt is used for communication cable and cable.

4. Use of single-sided copper and plastic composite belt.

Copper - plastic composite belt is one - sided copper - plastic composite belt, and is a common and common type. This kind of copper plastic composite belt, the material is for copper strip and polyethylene plastic film, PE rolling, preheating, compound, and then after cooling, winding, cutting and in the process to finished goods inspection, etc. It is used in copper - plastic composite belt, it is for electric wire cable industry, and power industry.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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