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The definition and type of aluminum - plastic compound belt (bag) are briefly described
May 17, 2018

Today we are talking about the aluminum plastic compound belt (bag), which is actually a packaging product that can combine different kinds of packaging advantages. Aluminum-plastic composite belt (bag) itself is low in cost, print is very exquisite, moreover, we also is actually will notice it is anti-static and the ultraviolet ray, as well as oxygen has moisture-proof insulation window and its cold resistance to oil resistant to high temperature and fresh oxygen insulation, etc.

About the kinds of aluminum-plastic composite belt (bag), accurate, when we were carried out in accordance with the structure by material, actually, that is, there will be a: pure aluminium composite belt (bag), aluminized composite belt (bag) two kinds. Opp /al/ PE for pure aluminum compound belt (bag); Pet/al/PE, etc.; For the aluminized composite belt (bag), there will be pet/vmpet/ PE; Vmpet/CPP, etc.

Aluminum-plastic composite belt (bag) if it is carried out in accordance with the function, it is also can be divided into anti-static shielding direct is electronic product packaging (bag), there will be uv cosmetic products (bag), etc.

When lu: su composite belt (bag) according to the process structure division, there will be two layers of composite, and three layer composite and the four compound, for its material structure, actually is also can be in the largest extent it according to the requirements of customers. So you have opp/vmpet; Vmpet/PE etc. In terms of the three layers, it's actually matopp/vmpet/ PE; And opp/vmpet/ PE, etc. The four-layer composite is pet/ny/vmpet/ PE, etc. In general, nylon film can be added to increase the softness of the compound bag.

Summary, for plastic composite belt (bag), its types are in fact very much, and it is also can according to customer's actual need to undertake production and processing, in this case, for plastic composite belt (bag), in fact, that is, there will be a new application. It is precisely because of this that we need to know a little bit about the knowledge of plastic compound belt (bag).


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