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The development prospect of copper - plastic composite belt and its corresponding characteristics
Jul 02, 2018

Copper plastic composite belt is a kind of copper foil and plastic composite products, practical for production, is for the thickness of the two will have certain rules, in general, about the thickness of the copper foil is smaller than the thickness of the copper strip. As for adding a layer of plastic to copper foil, the main purpose is to increase the strength of the product; At the same time, in certain circumstances can also play a certain waterproof role.

About copper composite plastic band development prospects, is based on the current high-tech development is inseparable from the composite material, copper plastic composite is a kind of composite materials, for the development of modern science and technology, has a very important role. The research depth and application breadth of copper plastic composite belt and the speed and scale of its production have become an important symbol to measure whether a cable manufacturer is technically advanced.

Peter said to copper plastic composite with development prospects, actually speaking, it is toward intelligent direction, material, structure and electronic integration, constitute of intelligent materials and structure at this point, also is actually refers to the material and structure of high and new technology development direction. With the development of intelligent materials and structures in the copper and plastic composite belt, a new batch of disciplines and technologies will emerge.

The characteristics of the development of copper - plastic composite belt should be noted that it is relatively simple in the fabrication process of the component, and it is suitable for the whole molding. In the manufacturing of composite products at the same time, also received parts, as a result, its essence is to reduce the number of parts, fasteners and connectors when, and at this point, namely can save raw materials and working hours.

For copper plastic composite brings about, its breaking security is higher, in the fiber reinforced plastic composite copper belt in the fiber, with a large number of independent overload will make some of its fiber fracture, but then quickly to stress redistribution, then it will not broken fiber by full load, this time not cause artifacts in an instant loss of bearing capacity and fracture, so its high job security.


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