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The development prospect of the copper plastic composite belt
Nov 02, 2017

【Summary】For the glass fiber reinforced plastics or composite materials industry including the copper plastic composite belt in our country, it faces a new period of great development, including large-scale municipal construction in the process of urbanization and the use and large-scale development of new energy, which will be applied in the environmental protection policy and the development of the automobile industry and large-scale railway construction.

Under the huge market demand, the development of composite material industry, including copper plastic composite belt, will have a very broad development space. The composite material is developing in the direction of intelligent. The material or structure are fused with electronic fusion to constitute the intelligent material and structure, which is the development direction of the high and new technology of materials and structure.

Along with the development of intelligent materials and structures, a number of new disciplines and technologies will also emerge. It includes comprehensive materials science, fine technology, materials bionics and biotechnology, molecular electronics and adaptive mechanics.

It is because of these characteristics of the copper plastic composite belt, the development of modern high-tech can not be separated from it. It will also play an important role in the development of modern science and technology. Summing up the development prospect of copper plastic composite belt, it has become an important symbol to measure the advanced level of science and technology in a country.


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