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The difference between copper tape and copolymer coated copper tape
Aug 23, 2017

Firstly, the thickness of copolymer coated copper tape is smaller than the thickness of the copper tape, because we should use a plastic layer to increase its strength, and it can also reduce costs.


Secondly, the plastic layer of copolymer coated copper tape will be melt up and caused aperture under the condition of heating,  so that it can have the effect of waterproof, generally speaking, copolymer coated copper tape is  some more important than copper tape, However, due to the material of the plastic itself, can not form a relatively closed shielding structure, so that shielding effect will be a big difference to other materials, we should pay attention to choose different material according to the different usage of cable.

Thirdly, as a wrapping material to form a shielding structure, copolymer coated copper tape can not be used, because the cross section of copper tape must be small, it will have certain influence for transmission of current in cable.

Finally, copolymer coated copper tape is fit for production of smaller diameter and soft cable, but it will not have an particularly ideal appearance if use copper tape as wrapping structure in these small diameter and soft cable.

The above is the difference copper tape and copolymer coated copper tape.

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