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The difference between the copper tape and copper-plastic composite belt
Oct 12, 2017

【Summary】In previous articles, when it comes to the difference between copper tape and copper-plastic composite belt, it is almost impossible for copper plastic composite belt to do shielding structure simply ( mainly referring to the form of lapping ). For the reason, the first aspect is because the section of copper is certainly smaller for such a belt, and the transmission of short circuit current of cable will have a certain influence.


Of course, because this belt has the plastic film, when the outer sheath is extruded, the membrane will be easier to bond with the sheath. At the same time, the direction of the current transmission through the copper tape will change. 

If use such tapes, for the manufacturers is actually good because it can save costs to a large extent.

We should pay attention to the fact that the copper plastic composite belt will be used At the same time, a small section of the leakage line will be added to make up for the transmission of the current. However, for the copper tape, the appearance of the lapping in the cable whose outer diameter is small and required to be soft is not a special ideal.

Finally, more intuitive, we will use different shielding form according to different occasions. The copper-plastic composite belt not only can improve the flow rate to the user, also can ensure the cable itself have a certain waterproof performance. In this respect, the latter is also more important.  


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