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The effect of cold control technology on the application of aluminum-plastic composite belt
Nov 03, 2017

In the production of aluminum-plastic composite belt, one of the common technologies is the longitudinal covering cold control technology. This technology can improve the quality of the application of aluminum-plastic composite belt to some extent. This is because the use of this technology can make aluminum-plastic composite achieve a more stable structure. More importantly, this technology is easier to realize in practice.

In other words, in actual production, the production equipment needed is relatively simple, and because of the lower temperature, it will not cause scalding to the cable core and operators. However, this technology also has some disadvantages. For example, its main defect is that the mold processing is relatively complex. So, how will it affect the use of aluminum-plastic composite belt?


Compared with other treatment technologies, after this technology treatment, the aluminum-plastic composite belt longitudinal tube forming, its lotus leaf edge height and diameter rebound slightly more obvious. Generally, the required tubular structure has been formed after the aluminum-plastic composite belt has been fixed. This process can ensure the stability of the tubular structure of aluminum-plastic composite belt, so it has a certain positive effect on the promotion of the use of aluminum-plastic composite belt.

It should be noted that in this process, we need to take some measures to minimize the deformation and springback of the aluminum-plastic composite belt tubular structure between the stable mold and the extruding machine mold core, so as to ensure the use of the aluminum-plastic composite belt. Then, as far as possible, the outlet of the stable mold should be close to the outlet of the extruding mold core.

In the actual production, in fact, there are some large diameter cables are relatively easy to appear some undesirable problems, such as the tapebreak of the longitudinal covering of the aluminum-plastic composite belt, serious lotus leaf edge and other quality problems. Then, we can solve these problems through this technology, and improve the use effect of the aluminum-plastic composite belt.


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