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The influence of materials used in steel plastic composite belt on the quality of optical cable
Apr 17, 2018

The steel plastic composite belt is mainly used as the outer sheath of communication optical cable and communication cable, so as to protect the cable core and protect it from tidal erosion. Usually, the steel plastic composite belt is bonded with the sheath material to form a comprehensive protective layer, and has the role of armour against the external force. It provides mechanical protection for communication cables and communication cables in various applications.


It can be seen that the application of steel plastic composite belt provides an important guarantee for the stability and reliability of related products such as optical cable and so on. We know that optical fiber based optical communication has the characteristics of wide transmission bandwidth and large communication capacity. Especially in modern communication, optical fiber communication is basically used for ultra large capacity signal transmission. Therefore, it requires high reliability and stability for carriers, otherwise it will lead to large area communication barriers.


In combination with the above content, especially in the establishment of long distance optical cable communication system, in order to meet the basic requirement of long-term stability, the fiber is made into optical fiber, which is to select the raw materials with excellent performance, protect the fiber and ensure the reliability and stability of the optical fiber transmission during the service period. In the optical cable, steel plastic composite belt plays a very important role in the protection of optical fiber.


In the steel plastic composite belt currently used, the baseband is usually made of chrome plated steel strip. For users with strict quality requirements, we need to control the performance of raw materials to ensure the quality of optical cable.


The reason why chromium plated steel strip is the base band of steel plastic composite belt is mainly because the material itself has very stable chemical properties. At room temperature, it will not rust and have good corrosion resistance when placed in air or immersed in water. In addition, the bonding property of chrome plated steel plastic composite strip is also good, and has excellent high temperature resistance.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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