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The influence of mechanical deformation and dynamic friction coefficient on the production process of the steel-plastic composite belt
Dec 01, 2017

When producing the steel-plastic composite belt, there are many different influencing factors, such as mechanical deformation and dynamic friction coefficient. These factors will have different impact on the quality of the steel-plastic composite belt. This is because in the application of the product for the production of the optical cable, it also needs to be cut into strips according to specific requirements.

This can be seen, in the cutting processing, the quality of cutting will directly affect the production effect of the optical cable. Under normal circumstances, after the steel-plastic composite belt is cut, its surface should not exist the knife mark, no rolling list and other bad problems, and the end face remains flat, the tape is straight when released. This is because only in accordance with such standards, it is easier for molding in the production of optical cable, and the overlap will not appear the edge warp.

Not only this, good cutting quality can also ensure the bonding effect of the steel-plastic composite belt, and can help to improve the tide effect of the composite protective layer at the same time. Otherwise, it will have a great negative impact. In addition, the dynamic friction coefficient also has a great influence on the production technology of optical cable.

Combined with the test results, the effect of the dynamic friction coefficient of the steel-plastic composite belt on the production process of the optical cable is very obvious. Therefore, in the actual production process, in addition to considering the process adjustment problems, fault and other human factors, at the same time, dynamic friction coefficient also needs to be controlled, in order to prevent the friction coefficient too large which will lead to the tapebreak. By comparison, the smaller friction coefficient can not only reduce the deformation, but also easy for molding.

In conclusion, choosing the appropriate dynamic friction coefficient will obviously improve the production quality of the steel-plastic composite belt, and can effectively improve the production efficiency under the  good cooperation with the process. In short, this not only ensures the quality of the optical cable, but also helps extend the service life of the optical cable.


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