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The introduction to the basic structure of the steel-plastic composite tape armored communication cables
Sep 28, 2017

I do not know whether you have known that the steel-plastic composite belt will be used in many communication cables, such as the steel-plastic composite tape armored communications cable which we often use. In order to use the cables better, we usually add a mechanical protective layer in its structure, which not only can enhance its mechanical strength, but also can enhance the anti-erosion ability.

In other words, this mechanical protection layer mainly plays a protective role, which can greatly reduce the probability of damaging the steel-plastic composite tape armored communication cables. When doing the laying, because of the protection layer, no matter which way to use the laying can be satisfied. Even in the rock area, the direct laying also can meet the requirements.

So, what is the its structure? In fact, the adaptability of this maskant is good, which can be applied to various kinds of the filler type or non filling type the steel-plastic composite tape communication cables with the single sheathed or the double sheathed. Under normal circumstances, the mechanical protection layer is made by the 0.15mm rolled steel strip through longitudinal covering and lapping.

In addition, in fact, generally it is necessary to do the plastic processing first on the surface of the steel-plastic composite tape which can prevent the invasion of the  corrosion and water. The sheath is made from the black high molecular weight low density polyethylene. Its thickness mainly depends on the outer diameter of the basic cable. In addition, permanent identification marks shall be attached to the surface of the cable. It is necessary to pay attention to the interval between the marks can't be more than 1m. 

In addition, the electrical characteristics of the steel-plastic composite tape armored communication cables need to meet all the electrical requirements of the basic cable. And its length should be made in accordance with the standard length of the basic cable.


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