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The main purpose and structure of steel-plastic composite belt
Dec 28, 2017

So far, steel-plastic composite belt has obtained good application and development, especially in the fields of modern industrial optical cable, special optical cable and cable communication production. However, it is crucial for the producer to choose a practical and inexpensive material, as this factor will directly affect the quality of the steel-plastic composite tape.


Furthermore, this factor will affect the steady development of manufacturing enterprises. It can be said that a reasonable choice will provide an effective and reliable guarantee for the performance competition of the steel-plastic composite tape. Here we come to you for a brief introduction about the product knowledge, hoping to provide some reference.


The main use of plastic composite tape:


Steel-plastic composite belt can be regarded as a mechanical protective layer, in practical applications, we can add it to different structures of the cable. This will be able to significantly increase the mechanical strength of the cable, but also can effectively improve the anti-erosion products. In other words, it is designed as a telephone cable designed for areas susceptible to mechanical damage and susceptibility to erosion. In the laying, can be used in different ways, the same applies to direct burial in the rock area.


About the basic structure of steel-plastic composite belt composition:


In different applications, steel-plastic composite tape can provide protection for different products. Mechanical protective layer which is usually the use of the thickness of 0.15 mm corrugated steel strip, attached to the longitudinal way of the basic cable on both sides overlap.


It should be noted that, must be in the steel-plastic composite strip surface with the necessary plastic coating treatment, this is mainly to prevent corrosion and moisture intrusion.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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