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The prospects for the development of copper-plastic composite tape have a lot to do with its development
Apr 24, 2018

Since the relationship between the development prospects of copper-plastic composite tapes and their development has been mentioned, that is to say, the development of copper-plastic composite tapes should pay attention to the calculation and determination of the use of copper ingots, intermediate alloys, and additives. After it is melted into the holding furnace, additive refining and stirring are added, and different points in the furnace are sampled and analyzed, and adjustments are made when necessary. In this way, the quality of copper-plastic composite tape products can be guaranteed.


Due to the high temperature after refining of the alloy, the crystallization of the copper liquid is difficult, and attention is paid to adjusting the pressure of the cooling water at any time to keep the crystal wheel clean and smooth so that the copper liquid can be crystallized smoothly; the tensile strength and elongation of the copper rod are strictly controlled when rolling, facilitating Follow-up drawing and pressing of the stranding process. Due to the internal stress of the copper rod, it must be stored for more than 48 hours before use. After all these attentions, it is also possible to ensure that the copper-plastic composite tape has no internal stress and no deformation occurs.


When it comes to the prospects for the development of copper-plastic composite tapes, recently we will also notice the interlocking and armoring of copper-plastic composite tape alloys when it is produced. The interlocking armoring is a single-layer armouring structure, characterized in that the copper alloy strip is pre-pressed into an "S"-shaped curved surface, and is wrapped around the core of the core with the core as a core, and each section is "S"-shaped curved surface. They interlock with each other to form a layer of self-locking protective armor.


The armored belt is made of 5000 series copper-plastic composite tape, which has good forming processing performance, high strength, especially high fatigue resistance, good corrosion resistance and weldability, but poor cutting performance.


In order to ensure the development prospects of copper-plastic composite tapes, in addition to equipment factors, the performance of the alloy strip material, geometry of cross-section, size, and engagement clearance are the key technologies in the process of carrying out the research and development of armoring. It is required that the armoring pitch be uniform and evenly leveled. , No cracking, no breakaway, able to withstand inspections related to armoring. The mold design and processing of the copper-plastic composite belt, the adjustment of the mold station and tension, and the accumulation of experience of the operators are very important. This is also the key to guarantee the development prospect of a good and distant copper-plastic composite belt.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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