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This paper discusses the compaction technology of conductor in the production of aluminum-plastic composite belt
Jul 06, 2018

In today's society, the application of aluminum alloy cable is becoming more and more widespread, so the demand for aluminum-plastic composite belt use products is increasing day by day. Due to the fine aluminum alloy conductor rod material is aluminum alloy cable electrical properties, mechanical properties of the decisive factors, so the aluminum-plastic composite belt use product quality also need to establish on the basis of producing conform to the requirements of the aluminium alloy rod.

So how do you do that? In actual production, we first need to calculate good aluminum ingots, intermediate alloy and the use of additives, in turn, after its melting into the holding furnace feeding, add additive refining and mixing, as well as the analysis of the differences between sampling in furnace, make corresponding adjustment when necessary. In the refining process of aluminum-plastic composite products, the temperature requirement of the alloy is higher.

In this case, the aluminum liquid crystals are more difficult to crystallize, so it is necessary to adjust the cooling water pressure at all times to keep the crystal wheel smooth so that the aluminum liquid can crystallize smoothly. In addition, the tensile strength and elongation of aluminum rods are also needed to be used in the rolling process of aluminum and plastic composite belt, so as to facilitate the tightening of the subsequent drawing and winding process.

Considering that there is stress inside the aluminum bar, it usually takes about 48 hours to use. In fact, in the process of processing aluminum and plastic composite products, the process involved in the production process has the conductor compaction technology. Generally, the aluminum alloy cable conductor adopts 8000 series aluminum alloy and adopts special compaction technology. In order to control the outer diameter of the cable, the compaction coefficient is usually controlled above 0.92.

Thus, in the process of compression, can cause the aluminum-plastic composite belt use product stranded conductor wire core truthfully heart conductor, significantly reducing line core diameter, improve electrical conductivity. It is important to note that, in the process of pressing and annealing, the aluminum plastic composite belt should select the suitable mold, hinge speed and annealing temperature.


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