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Transportation and storage requirements for steel-plastic composite strips
Jan 07, 2019

The surface of the steel-plastic composite strip should be smooth, smooth, uniform, free from impurities, wrinkles, spots, and other mechanical damage. The uncut steel-plastic composite strip is allowed to be protected by a plastic film of 2mm to 5mm. The side should be smooth, without curling, notch, burr and other defects, the interlayer misalignment is not more than 5mm.

The steel-plastic composite tape shall be accompanied by a product certificate and a quality guarantee. For the first delivery, the type test report of the statutory inspection department must be attached. When the product is normally supplied, the type test of the statutory inspection department should be provided every two years.

Transportation of steel-plastic composite belt

Transport in a clean, dry environment and avoid moisture and mechanical damage.

Storage of steel-plastic composite tape

In the warehouse where the steel-plastic composite belt is ventilated, it should be kept away from the heat source and avoid direct sunlight. The storage temperature should not exceed 50 °C.www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com

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