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Use of copper plastic composite belt
Jun 14, 2018

When it comes to the use of copper plastic composite belt, in the product specification, we should be aware that it is mainly used in the use of computer cables and its signal electricity, and in the other way, special cables that require higher shielding performance in communication cables and their coaxial cables. Moreover, it is said that it can supply other specifications and allowable deviation after the agreement between the supplier and the buyer. The inner diameter of the core is 55mm, 76mm.


In addition, in order to play the use of copper plastic composite belt, it should be stored in the storage, it should be stored in a dry storeroom, should not be close to the fire source, then the other side, in fact, is to avoid the direct sunlight, the storage period will start from the date of production for 6 months. During storage and transportation, we should pay attention to avoid moisture and mechanical damage.


Next, we should pay attention to understand the composition of the copper plastic composite belt, and then play a more standardized role in the use of copper plastic composite belt. In this case, it will be based on soft copper foil, Mera copper foil as the base material, and in addition to its coating of metal particles, which, as we say, is mainly used in electromagnetic shielding or signal shielding, which can be effectively suppressed. The interference of electromagnetic wave prevents the electromagnetic wave from harming the human body, and avoids the phenomenon of affecting the function without the need of voltage or current.


In this regard, for copper plastic composite, it is actually adapted to digital cameras, mobile phones, DVD, HVD precision electronic products, and again, in the computer communication, wire, cable, it is to be in high frequency transmission, can isolate electromagnetic interference. The adhesive force is strong and the conductivity is good.


Finally, the copper plastic composite belt in the thickness of the performance is also mm 0.05, for copper foil thickness of MM 0.02, for its polyester film thickness is actually in mm 0.025. The tensile strength of N/mm2 is more than 80, then the elongation at break is% more than 5, and in the end, it is better to pay attention to its antioxidant properties.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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