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Waterproof effect and ultra-thin structure of copper-plastic composite tape
Aug 15, 2018

The copper-plastic composite tape is a composite product of plastic and copper foil in the process of production, and the thickness of the two is also fixed during operation. Generally, the thickness of the copper foil is smaller than the thickness of the copper strip. . In fact, the reason for adding a layer of plastic on the copper foil is mainly to increase the strength of the product, and at the same time, it can also play a certain waterproof effect under certain circumstances.


The copper-plastic composite tape is compared with the ordinary copper tape during operation, and the performance of the copper-plastic composite tape is obviously improved. For the storage of the product, it is better to ensure the dryness of the storage environment, and to avoid the fire. The source, the proximity of the sun and the direct sunlight ensure that the performance of the product is not affected. In view of these special properties of the copper-plastic composite tape, the product has been widely used, especially for cables with small outer diameter and softness, and has an ideal use effect. Therefore, we must look for copper-plastic composite tape when choosing copper tape products.


The copper-plastic composite belt itself has an ultra-thin structure, which saves a lot of precious copper during operation and reduces production costs. The product can replace the pure copper cable shielding tape to a certain extent. Copper-plastic composite tape belongs to the field of thermal processing manufacturing technology. The raw materials mainly use copper strip and PE polyethylene plastic film to form a finished single-sided copper-plastic composite strip after the unwinding process, pre-heating process, compounding process, cooling process, winding process, slitting process, and finished product inspection.


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