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What are the characteristics of steel-plastic composite belt?
Sep 14, 2017

First of all, the deformation of steel-plastic composite belt is very small, according to statistics, the breaking elongation rate is less than 3%.

Second, the steel-plastic composite belt can withstand great tension. Its main force-bearing component is its internal high-strength galvanized iron wire. Therefore, we can adjust the diameter and size of the iron wire to change the tension of the tendons.

Third, the steel-plastic composite belt is durable and has a long service life, because its protective layer is made of polymer polyethylene material, a certain anti-aging agent, antioxidants and other auxiliary materials. It is made by extrusion to ensure force of the protective layer and wire grip, which can significantly improve force capacity of the protective layer and iron wire. All of these effectively prevent the steel-plastic composite belt from wire corrosion.

Fourth, compared with other similar materials, the cost of steel-plastic composite belt is less, can save about 10-50%. And it also has a good pull-resistance performance.

Finally, the steel-plastic composite belt simplifies the work process and reduces workload. It also helps to solve the problem of overlapping cross, which will significantly shorten the duration.



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