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What are the features of copolymer coated aluminium tape and the existing security risks in application in China?
Aug 15, 2017

[summary] firstly, we actually pay attention to it will have good mechanical properties and electrical properties, it is also can be used in different economic areas.

The copolymer aluminum tape is made of metal material and copolymer materials such as two or more than two kinds of materials after the laminating process , which use the priorities of different kinds of materials,then produce a synergistic effect. 

Secondly, we should pay attention to its structural features. What we usually see is fiber reinforced composites. Different kinds of fiber reinforcement can be directly laminated in base material.

The structural characteristics of copolymer coated aluminum tape, we actually know that this material has high tensile strength, thin and very light, It can be divided into two forms such as solid layer and honeycomb layer. Specific forms depend on different situation. 


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