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What do you know about the difference between copper belt and copper plastic band?
May 24, 2018

Said copper to copper belt and plastic composite with distinction, we usually brought about from copper plastic composite, copper composite plastic band in a certain extent is called Michael copper foil, this product is mainly be used for shielding of the cable performance requirements are higher, more common in the computer cable, signal cable, as well as the communication cable and coaxial cable demanding on the shielding performance of special cable.

And speaking of copper strip, it actually is also a kind of common metal elements, also is actually on the product specification will be 0.1 ~ 3 x 50 ~ 250 mm state of different kinds of a copper strip product, generally is also used for production of electrical components, lamp holder, and is used in the battery cap, buttons, seal, plug and socket production.

In this way, speaking of copper and copper plastic composite with distinction, we also the forehead is to actually pay attention to it on the copper plastic compound with the thickness of the copper foil of actually is also will be less than the thickness of a copper strip itself, given that, we also is to actually pay attention to the need to use a plastic layer directly increases strength, convenient we carry on the processing, at the same time, to a great extent, have played an important role in reducing costs.

And then we actually have to be aware that it's going to be different depending on the circumstances. On copper composite plastic band is in order to improve traffic at the same time, also is in order to ensure that the cable itself to have certain waterproof performance, this for use in real time is very important.

Finally, copper strip and copper plastic composite with distinction, for copper plastic compound brought about, it is also will be used on the outside diameter is small or relatively soft cable requirements above, it is in actual use, actually is also can join the leakage of a small section of line itself, to compensate for the current of a transmission. However, the copper strip will be on these small sizes and on the softer cables.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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