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What do you think of the difference between a copper belt and a copper plastic strip?
Jun 04, 2018

About copper and copper plastic composite with distinction, first of all, we also is to actually pay attention to include copper, aluminum and copper, as well as the copper plastic composite brings about, we actually is also must pay attention to the computer shielded cable material, zr - djyvp -- shielding soft cable, flame retardant cable itself in the direct is through the ground for the contract, or is there is its shielding processing three procedure to form.

Another ways, moreover, copper copper tape and plastic composite belt, the difference between a cable, but really, that is, to pay attention to in extent, actually also is the working principle of the split screen aggregation screen in view of such, it to a large extent, big will to a large extent direct will strengthen the shielding effect on the computer.

Then, when it comes to copper and copper plastic composite with distinction, about copper composite plastic band of the thickness of the copper foil in large extent, actually is also should be pay attention to a large extent, actually also is less than the thickness of copper strip, given that, we are in great extent, in fact, that is, to pay attention to in fact also is a layer of plastic layer has to be used to direct increase in itself is a strength, thus, is also convenient and we carry on the processing, at the same time, is one can lower its cost.

Finally, when it comes to the difference between the copper belt and the copper composite belt, it will be different in different situations. For the copper composite plastic band in order to improve the flow at the same time, to a large extent, actually also is directly to ensure that the cable itself actually also is to should be to have certain waterproof performance.

But its for ChanChunYong for shielding structure, copper composite plastic band to a great extent, in fact is not can use, this is because on copper tape section actually is also will be small, for the short circuit current of the cable transmission actually is also will have a big impact, and on the current transmission direction of the copper strip is actually can change.


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