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What is the difference between copper belt and copper - plastic composite belt?
May 23, 2018

Said copper to copper belt and plastic composite with distinction, we also is to know about the copper strip, actually it is a kind of metal elements, copper strip on the product specification will be 0.1 ~ 3 x 50 ~ 250 mm different state copper tape products, in the production of electrical components, lamp holder and the battery cap, buttons, seal with plug and socket above the main is also used as a conductive, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistant equipment.

When it comes to the copper and plastic composite belt, we will find that the outer diameter of the copper belt is smaller than that of the copper belt. And just copper composite plastic band actually is also will be asked in more soft cable, the actual time will use to join the leakage of a small section of line to direct will compensate for the for the current transmission effect.

Not expensive since said to the copper tape and copper plastic composite with distinction, we also have to pay attention to the copper strip in the application and its requirements in these small diameter soft cable, winding and appearance not very ideal.

Then, in the case of simple shielding structure (mainly in the form of wrapping), copper plastic composite belt can not be used. Because, this is, this will certainly on the cross section of copper tape is small, for the short circuit current of the cable transmission time actually, that is, there will be a bigger impact on, then, for the tape itself, that is because it will be with plastic film, outside the extrusion sheath, it is easier for the film and sheath for bonding, at the same time, it is also through the current law changes in the direction of the transmission of copper strip.

Finally, on the difference between copper belt and copper composite belt, we should pay attention to that the copper plastic composite belt can improve the flow rate while ensuring that the cable itself has better waterproof performance. May bring about copper, however, it's on the electrical components, switches, washer, as well as in the gasket, electric vacuum device and the radiator, conductive material and auto radiator, radiator, etc all kinds of spare parts of application is wider, copper plastic composite belt is not necessarily.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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