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What technical requirements should the steel plastic composite belt meet?
May 26, 2018

Do you know what technical standards are needed to make and produce steel composite belts? In fact, the requirement to meet these standards is mainly to ensure the quality of the steel composite belt, so that it can meet the practical application requirements. Next, we will share some relevant knowledge on this issue and hope to help you.

First of all, in the selection of raw materials, it is important to ensure that the production requirements are met. Generally, the steel plastic composite belt is mainly made of thick electroplating tin or electroplated chromium steel strip. The baseband of the electroplated steel belt needs to choose the cold-rolled strip, and the tensile strength should be guaranteed between 300Mpa and 420Mpa, and the elongation of the fracture should be no less than 20%.

In addition to ensure that the selected the performance parameters of the standard of raw materials, we also have to ensure that its chemical composition and so on various aspects have to meet certain requirements, only in this way, can ensure the quality of gangsu composite with the final production. In general, if the tin-plated steel belt is chosen, the minimum amount of tin shall not be less than 10.5g/m2, while the minimum chromium plating of the chromium plated steel belt should be at least 0.08g/m2.

Secondly, when making polyethylene steel plastic composite belt, the plastic layer on its surface also needs to be carried out according to relevant standards. In general, the plastic layer needs to meet the requirements specified in GB11115. In addition, it should also ensure that the surface of the composite belt is smooth, smooth and uniform, and no impurities, wrinkles, plaques or other mechanical damage defects may occur.

Finally, the side of the steel plastic composite belt after the parting needs to be smooth, and its roughness should be controlled within two millimeters. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the end face is not to be rolled edge, gap, burr or other mechanical damage.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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