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When it comes to the development prospect of the copper-plastic composite belt, we should pay attention to solving its security risks
Dec 09, 2017

The copper-plastic composite belt has better mechanical and electrical properties, so that the copper-plastic composite belt can be widely used in various fields of the national economy, such as ordinary residential buildings, high-rise buildings and elevators, large and small supermarkets and other places.

The development prospect of the copper-plastic composite belt refers to the application in the metallurgy, steel, coke, coal mine, power plant, transmission and transfer power station, shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical and medicine, nuclear power station, aerospace, military affairs, paper making, home appliance, automobile or public transport facilities.

The copper-plastic composite belt improves the defects and deficiencies of pure copper cable in physical, mechanical or compression creep performance. At present, in the connection of copper-plastic composite tapes, copper or other non-conductor copper alloys with inconsistent performance with copper alloy cables are adopted.

The defects of copper-plastic composite belt, copper or non-conductor copper alloy exist, and its security risks also exist.

Because of this, the development prospect of the copper-plastic composite belt is based on the defect solving of the copper-plastic composite belt. If the development prospect of copper-plastic composite belt wants to be better, the technology and design should be innovated and reformed. In application, its security risks in connection should be paid special attention to.


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