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Working temperature and common color of aluminum-plastic composite tape
Jan 08, 2019

Aluminum-plastic composite tape is a new type of self-adhesive composite tape. The outer composite film of the product uses EMAA material with excellent heat sealability, so it has compared with ordinary polyethylene (PE) composite tape. The lower initial bonding temperature and higher heat sealing bonding performance can greatly reduce the operating temperature and air flow of the heat gun in the forming process of the communication cable and the cable composite package.

The aluminum-plastic composite tape is mainly made of a polyester film and a soft aluminum foil, and is compounded by gravure coating, and the aluminum foil is cooked and then cut and retracted. The aluminum foil Mylar tape is applied to the interference shielding of the communication cable, and can be matched with the glue. The aluminum foil can be used for assembling the shielding and grounding after being cut.

The color of the aluminum-plastic composite belt: the common colors are blue and silver, and can be made into red, green, gold, etc. according to the needs, and can also be printed and printed according to customer needs. Application of aluminum-plastic composite tape: mainly used in computer lines, household communication cables, high-frequency signal lines, RF lines, coaxial cables, etc.www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com

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