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Copper Polyester Foil Development Prospects
Jan 11, 2018

The first point is that we must pay attention to the development of copper-plastic composite cable as the core of the development of the cable industry, with the social development, more and more industries need to use the cable, in view of this, the copper-plastic composite tape itself The use of terms in terms of that will be very high, at present our country for the Copper Polyester Foil industry will pay more and more attention.


Next to say, want to achieve multi-level development of copper and copper composite cable accessories, this time, to the extent that it can improve the cable copper-plastic composite tape market competitiveness.


Next, in order to ensure the development prospects of cable copper-plastic composite tape, that is, we should pay attention to actively learn and exchange with foreign advanced copper-plastic composite tape enterprises and learn their advanced concepts and technologies, including technology, funds, projects and their talents Exchange and other aspects of information, in particular, is to pay attention to increase the introduction of technology, our country in this industry started relatively late, compared with mature foreign manufacturing technology, our country will still have a lot of shortcomings In view of this, we should pay more attention to studying this kind of enterprises in foreign countries and introducing their comparatively superior production mode.


Ensure the development prospect of copper-plastic composite cable, attach importance to exchanges and cooperation with domestic counterparts, especially when foreign enterprises squeeze the domestic market, we must also have a strong sense of national identity, while industry should also have the development of national brands awareness.


In terms of the above conditions, in order to ensure the development prospects of cable copper-plastic composite tape, if it can be based on the domestic market while developing foreign cable copper-plastic composite tape market will be even more ideal. Next to say, that is, we should pay attention to communicate with other domestic counterparts, flourishing national enterprise is ushering in glory at the same time, that is, the development of cable Copper Polyester Foil foundation and prospects.

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