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The Detailed Introduction Of The Application Of The Aluminum-plastic Composite Belt
Nov 14, 2017

At present, a new type of self-adhesive composite belt is praised by the users in the market, which is the aluminum-plastic composite belt. The outer sphere coextruded film of the aluminum-plastic composite belt adopts EMAA material with excellent heat sealability. For this reason, the application performance of aluminum-plastic composite belt is better than that of ordinary polyethylene composite belt. This is because the aluminum-plastic composite belt has a lower starting bonding temperature.

In addition, the aluminum-plastic composite belt also has good heat sealing bonding performance. Therefore, in practical application, the aluminum-plastic composite belt can greatly reduce the working temperature and flow rate of the heat gun in the longitudinal winding process of the communication cable and optical cable composite belt. In some cases, even the heat gun is not used, the handpiece temperature of the extruding machine can be used to complete the bonding of the cladding overlap. This shows that the use of aluminum-plastic composite belt is better, while simplifying the cable production of the longitudinal winding technique.

On the one hand, it can be said that the production process is obviously simplified. On the other hand, the quality of the products is improved at the same time. In addition, in the production of the aluminum-plastic composite belts, especially after strict performance testing, so as to ensure that the use of aluminum-plastic composite can meet the standard requirements and the product performance is reliable.

In the actual application process, the aluminum-plastic composite belt can also meet the requirements of interference shielding. At present, the color is mainly blue and silver, and some are red, green and gold. Of course, in order to ensure the use of aluminum - plastic composite belt, it can also have customized lettering and printing twill according to the actual needs of users.

According to the current application situation, the aluminum-plastic composite belt is widely used, such as not only for the production of computer cable, but also for domestic communication cable, high frequency signal wire, RF cable, coaxial cable and so on.

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