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The Development Prospect Of The Copper-plastic Composite Belt In The Future
Nov 28, 2017

With the improvement of the development of the society industrialization, there are more and more fields to the demand of copper-plastic composite belt. Therefore, in the current form, it will require a great guarantee of its quality.

First, pay attention to the improvement of its appearance requirements. Copper-plastic composite belt not only has outstanding toughness, but also is sanitary. Compared to other products, it can not be too large, so that it is conducive to produce.

For consumers, the price is required to be lower, which determines the lower cost of production equipment.

The transparency of the copper-plastic composite belt should maintain a high standard. At present, the refractive index of the cable used is about 1.63, and the additive amount of the pipes should be kept at about 10 %. 

In the specific production, we should pay attention to increasing the additive amount, so that the production cost of the copper-plastic composite belt can be reduced. And this will be the ideal conditions which can help the copper-plastic composite belt win the future development prospects and market creation.

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