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The Introduction Of Main Performance Indicators For The Aluminium-plastic Composite Belt
Dec 05, 2017

Under normal conditions, the performance of the aluminium-plastic composite belt is closely related to its own performance index. In order to ensure the use effect, the tensile strength of the aluminum-plastic composite belt is not less than 65 MPa, and the elongation at break is not less than 15 %. At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of the use of the aluminum-plastic composite belt, the peeling strength between aluminum belt and plastic film should not be less than 6.13N/cm.

In addition, in order to ensure that the use of the aluminium-plastic composite belt meets the use standard, in the process of testing the performance of the aluminium-plastic composite belt, when determining the shear strength index, the bonding area between the plastic layer and the aluminum belt will be damaged, and the heat seal zone between the plastic layers should be kept intact.

In addition, the heat seal strength index of the qualified aluminum-plastic composite belt must be guaranteed at above 17.5N/cm, and its dynamic friction coefficient should not exceed 0.65. In order to ensure the use performance of the aluminum-plastic composite belt, its water resistance index should be 6.1N/cm (68℃ ±1℃, 168 h). Under these conditions, the resistance to filling compound is more stable, and there is no stratification between aluminum belt and plastic film.

In order to meet the application standard of the aluminum-plastic composite belt, at the same time, it also can ensure the corrosion resistance of at least 7 grades. The dielectric strength index usually requires that the single-sided aluminium-plastic composite belt is not broken at 1kV  d.c.,1min. If it is a double-sided aluminum-plastic composite belt, it is not broken down in the case of 2kV d.c.,1min.

It should be noted that in order to ensure that the  use standard of the aluminium-plastic composite belt, in the transport process, appropriate measures should be taken to avoid dampness or damage. It is usually required to place the aluminium-plastic composite belt in a clean, well-ventilated environment and to maintain proper stability.

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