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The compatibility analysis of the steel-plastic composite belt
Oct 28, 2017

In practical application, because the steel-plastic composite belt often has long contact with the ointment in the optical cable, the compatibility of the steel-plastic composite belt and the ointment must be considered in advance. So, when we examine it compatibility, what methods can we use?

At present, when we test the compatibility of steel-plastic composite belt, it is mainly under certain conditions that the filling compound is placed in the ointment to see whether there will be bubbles or stratification between the metal base band and the block copolymer thin film. So we can judge according to the experimental structure.


If you want to get further detailed data, then when we're testing, we can extend the experiment time for different periods, and then compare it to different time periods. For example, after a period of accelerated aging test, we can calculate the eligibility rate of the steel-plastic composite belt according to the overall situation.

Of course, because there are many different places, the product performance will also appear certain differences in the production of steel-plastic composite belt. Therefore, it is suggested that when you choose this product, you can take this parameter into account.

In comparison, in the actual work, we can see that the compatibility between the steel-plastic composite belt and the ointment is obviously better than the compatibility of the aluminum-plastic composite belt and the ointment.

The above is mainly for the simple analysis of the compatibility of steel-plastic composite belt, and the common test methods of their compatibility. I hope that through the introduction of this article, you can get the knowledge needed.


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