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The purpose of copper - plastic composite belt and its development basis
May 07, 2018

Copper plastic composite with this kind of composite belt, want to be familiar with and understand, then, is to know that it involved in all aspects, so as to achieve a comprehensive, and the correct use and reasonable use of copper plastic composite belt, use it to avoid mistakes and problems or bring economic losses. Therefore, the following work is aimed at the use of copper and plastic composite belt for its learning and understanding, and its contents are as follows.

1. Copper plastic composite belt, what is it? Is it useful?

Copper plastic composite belt, in particular, it is made of adhesive synthesis or hot laminating composite belt, a layer or three layer on layer, is for the copper foil and plastic film layer or add a layer of adhesive layer. Its main use is for the use of general electric cables, as well as for cable use cases requiring shielding. So, the use of this kind of compound belt is targeted.

2. The use of copper plastic composite belt, is it related to its structure?

The use of copper plastic composite belt is related to the composition of the composite belt, which is considered from a professional point of view, so the answer is no, that is, there is no relation between the two. And it doesn't matter. Because, the copper plastic compound belt USES, mainly depends on the product performance and the characteristic, is decided by these two.

3. Can you know the use of copper - plastic composite belt through some parameters of copper - plastic composite belt?

Through copper plastic composite with some parameters, it is can probably understand copper plastic composite with use, because copper composite plastic band on the parameters, mainly slight thickness of copper foil, polyester film thickness, tensile, bond strength and oxidation resistance such as these, and some of the parameters, is affects the copper composite plastic band use concrete aspects of the product.

4. Copper plastic composite belt USES, is it developed on the basis of copper use?

The use of copper, which can be said to be a lot, and also involves different fields, first of all, can be used in power transmission, such as cables, switches and transformers. In addition, it can be other industries or fields. And based on the use of copper, copper plastic composite with the product on purpose, namely for copper plastic composite with use, can be a reference and determine, for example on the cable, it is also applicable, but some industries, are not suitable for use of copper plastic composite belt.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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